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We specialize in sound recording & mixing, Demos & Full CD Production, CD Package Design, Music Copyright services, On-Line Music Publishing & file preparation.

We design and launch websites. Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Suite., additionally offer Photo processing with Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop. We also create videos from still photographs with dramatic pans, zooms and transitions for vivid web presentations.

We offer Professional Resume Preparation and Refinement and professional document formatting.




RGB Recording & Web Services, LLC

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RGB Recording & Web offers affordable means for musicians on tight budgets to record their music and get it out to the world. We offer web services catering especially to musicians to post their music on the internet properly making sure you are marketing and gaining recognition without giving your music away for free. We use the best of the latest cutting edge software for both recording and web publishing applications, offering ProTools 10, Sonar X2 Producer, Numerous plugins and sound libraries and virtual instruments.   We have exceptonal quality microphones and a multi-room recording facility to best capture your performance. We also offer remote recording services to record your special musical event on location! Please give us a call to discuss your project, and I'm certain we will be able to record your material at a much more affordable rate than you think! Why let your music performances go to the wind? Even if you don't become a big rock star, one day you will wish you had a CD listen to, of how great your band sounded way back when. Call RGB Now!

My new mixer, a Presonus Studio / Live 32.4.2-AI amazes me with it's sound and it's fat channel really allows me to dial in the sound I want. The Analog / Digital debate continues. I've worked both sides of the fence. The mixer is a tool with a means to an end result and I tend to favor the digital newer technology. Find me an audiophile who says he can tell the difference and I bet he'll have a tough time guessing which is which. Technology has come a long way and at this point in the game products have so much of what mankind has learned packed into them that they really are proving to work rather well. Anyway, this guy here give Presonus two thumbs up! RGB

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With summer around the corner, there's alot to do and also alot of time for laying down tracks. (Which should always be your priority!)

RGB is currently working with Keyboard player Vince Gilbert on a few projects, sending his parts to another studio in California.

I'm also enjoying working with composer David Roam who has some interesting ideas. I am also trying to find various experimental recordings of mine that are unfinished works.that I want David and Vince both to fill in a few blanks.

Studio time is available so please give us a call!

In The Meantime, you hang tight and be patient because great things are about to happen!